New Balance together with Huang Zitao 24 hours x 7 days to enjoy and live

Published: Monday 04 December, 2017
New Balance 247 Trailer The mystery figure that flashed through the video sparked public debate after the video was previously released. Today, the first wave of large-scale official exposure, New Balance formally join hands Huang Zi Tao ignited this adventure trip. As an entertainer with both popularity and influence today, Huang Zitao is a true and unscrupulous secular and freehand personality who often makes new demands and leads the trend. His appeal with 247 is aspirational within 24 hours x 7 days Take, and suitable for any occasion and the trend of fashion, coincide. Huang Zi Tao's bright orange shoes, handsome figure and personal narration in his first commercial showcase highlight his pursuit of "enjoyable life". With the exquisite appearance, the natural material, the skillful crafts, superior design and the lowest price, all of them become the most popular product. You can a lot of people have it and it become a necessity of fashion. Now is the biggest one which sales our store has many colorways. is the tipical one.

Shoes Productos Name:New Balance together with Huang Zitao 24 hours x 7 days to enjoy and live

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